Cactus of Vision – The San Pedro Cactus and the Shamanic Tradition

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The San Pedro cactus has been used for hundreds of years especially by witch doctors and spiritual leaders from Peru. The San Pedro kaktus was mainly used for medicinal purposes and as a link to the spiritual realm in the prehistoric Inca community in Peru. The earliest description of the San Pedro cactus is a carving depicting a mythological deity holding the plant. The San Pedro cactus which is also referred to as the cactus of vision originates from the Chavian tradition and was discovered in a shrine at the Chavin de Huantar located in the northern highlands of Peru.san pedro cactus 200x300 Cactus of Vision   The San Pedro Cactus and the Shamanic Tradition

The San Pedro kaktus is a columnar cactus native to Ecuador and Peru growing up to a height of about 20 feet with multiple branches.   Depending on the environments the plant is grown its color can range from dark to light green and sometimes it is covered with greyish, whitish or bluish waxing of bloom which rubs quite easily. The plant contains various psychoactive alkaloids. Mescaline is one of the alkaloids in the plant that makes it just desirable.

San Pedro

The scientific name for San Pedro is Trichocereus Pachanoi. The plant breeds in the dehydrated eastern hills if the Andes. The area is approximately between two thousand to three thousand meters above the sea level. The San Pedro attains a maximum height of six meters. This medicinal and recreational plant is also nurtured by the native shamans in their thyme gardens. When the European missionaries first ventured into these regions, they held the practices of the locals with contempt. The reports which they documented about the San Pedro kaktus were all negative. One of the visionary effects that was attributed to the plant is the ability to communicate with the dead, which the missionaries found quite offensive.

However, there is one Spanish missionary who recognized the San Pedro cactus effects in curing a number of common ailments. He noted that the juice extract from the plant can be used to cure common kidney ailments, relieve fever, cure hepatitis and relieve the burning of the bladder.

Immediately after consumption, the drink makes the user to go into a dreamy or hallucinating state. The hallucination effects of the drink is what made the ancient Inca people think that they were communicating with the dead.

To date, there are those who regard the San Pedro cactus as the “whizzes of the whizzes.” The locals believe that the drink enables them to see that which other are not able to see. It is thought that the drink opens the user’s body to the spiritual realm. This in turn enables the users to the actual causes of various ailments and causes them to heal the spirit of a person so as to be truly healed.

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