San Pedro Cactus – A Guide to Alkaloid Extraction

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San Pedro cactus is actually the name that is used to identify the species of the genus Trichocereus. Cactus San Pedro is large species of cactus that is columnar in shape. This cactus grows in the Andes.  The cactus San Pedro has been used as Shamanic healing plant in the countries of Peru and Ecuador for many years now. It is believed that the wisdom within this type of cactus can actually trigger the healing insights by means of showing the user the visions of their lives.

There are various ways and techniques on how you can perfect the alkaloid extraction from the cactus San Pedro. You have to make sure that the techniques that you are going to use are correct to make sure that you are getting the right extraction. Failure to perform and use the right alkaloid extraction technique from the cactus San Pedro will surely lead to disastrous consequences.san pedro cactus extraction 199x300 San Pedro Cactus   A Guide to Alkaloid Extraction

Basically, anyone can produce fairly pure alkaloid crystals from the cactus San Pedro with the use of the right technique. The technique to extract alkaloid from the cactus San Pedro will simply require the use of household equipment as well as simple and common chemicals. Even though this technique for extracting alkaloids from the cactus San Pedro will not provide you with the highest quality and quantity, this can still yield a considerable amount.

For this simple technique, you are going to need several supplies like Xylene, distilled water, sodium hydroxide as a strong base, and citric acid. You are also going to need a large stainless steel pot, a baking pan, large jar made of glass with lid, straining cloth, separator funnel, and measuring cup.

The first step is Aqueous Extraction. For this step, you have to make a tea out of your cacti. If you are using dried ones, you have to powder it. If ever you are using fresh ones, you have to shop it into smaller pieces and then blend it.  Then, you have to boil the cactus in the stainless steel pot to make a soup while adding some citric acid.  After boiling, strain the chunks and save the liquid.

The second step is De-Fatting where you are going to remove the fats and non-alkaloid components in the mixture through adding xylene.

The third step is the Basification where you need to add sodium hydroxide to the aqueous solution to make the pH reach 10.

The fourth step is the Extraction of Free Bases where you are going to separate the alkaloid containing xylene layer from the basic aqueous solution.

The fifth step is the Salt Formation and Extraction where you are going to add acidic water to xylene to convert the alkaloids to their salt formation which will make it soluble in water.

The last step is Evaporation where you are going to pour the water mixture in the baking pan for it to slowly evaporate at room temperature. This will yield good alkaloid crystals from your cactus San Pedro.

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