Compras Peru Review

by sanpedrokaktus

ComprasPeru Compras Peru Review

Compras Peru is a fantastic online site run by, you guessed it, people in Peru.  These folks are selling authentic, fresh, right out of the jungle shamanic powders and one of those happens to be San Pedro Cactus Powder.  So, if the thought of carving up a cactus, putting pieces in a blender, boiling stuff, straining, etc. doesn’t sound like a good time to you, you may want to take a good look at this – despite the hoops that you may have to jump through to get it.san pedro cactus powder 275x300 Compras Peru Review

Compras Peru’s San Pedro Cactus powder comes in 2 sizes, the smallest is a bag of 900 grams, which is a lot!  In order to purchase this, the seller will get a license for export on your behalf called a CITES (you don’t have to do it) and that is an extra 7 day wait (maybe).  Aside from that, these guys ship pretty fast to the U.S. and the reviews of this stuff are off the hook.

Compras Peru accepts Major Credit Cards, Money Orders, Western Union, Bank Transfer,  and MoneyGram.  They also have some other pretty intense shamanic powders.  At this time, the San Pedro Cactus Powder is on special, buy 2 get 1 Free, which is a killer deal if you’re able to swing that.  It will last you a very long time, unless you’re just super generous with all your friends and neighbors.   As always, after your gardening and collecting session, please come back and share your experience with the group.

san pedro cactus Compras Peru Review

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