The Magic Mushroom Gallery Review

by sanpedrokaktus

magicmushroom The Magic Mushroom Gallery Review

The Magic Mushroom Gallery, at, is another Amsterdam-based online smartshop that carries a lot of hallucinogenics, mushrooms, psychoactives and other cool stuff.  They’ve been in business for over 15 years and have 2 actual stores in Amsterdam should be in the neighborhood.  What’s interesting is that they will ship absolutely NOTHINGsanpedro cactus The Magic Mushroom Gallery Review – nada, zilch – to the U.S.  I guess they figure it’s just easier that way than doing shipping restrictions by product.   Probably leaving a ton of money on the table, though.  Whatever.

So, if you are in the EU, or apparently anyplace BUT the United States, you can shop here.    Unless you want magic mushrooms, then you have be “inside the Netherlands” – another rule.  But The Magic Mushroom Gallery does carry cactus products – both peyote cactus and San Pedro Cactus.    Their San Pedro Cactus is a 3 Year Old Plant, that they say is enough for “1 Person”.  They even give instructions on how to extract and use it.

Can’t find any payment or shipping information on these guys, other than what they won’t do.  Doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong here at all, just some information not listed on their site.  I obviously can’t buy and test anything for you – being in the U.S.    But, if you are in the EU or elsewhere that can benefit from their products and, in particular, their San Pedro cactus items,  check them out and come back and let us know what you think!   We’re seriously interested!

san pedro cactus The Magic Mushroom Gallery Review

 The Magic Mushroom Gallery Review

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San Pedro Cactus Dosing and Effects Guide

by sanpedrokaktus

It is important to be noted by the interested buyer that to buy San Pedro cactus he or she should basically know much about the dosing as well as the effects of this unusual herb. This effective herb is quite an efficient plant since it contains higher levels of alkaloid. This herb is not only recognized by the spiritual leaders. These are also accepted as a great healer by the shaman and the doctors in the Latin America especially in the countries like Peru. It is generally used as the spiritual guide amongst the elite users. However the original San Pedro is believed to come from the Andes of South America.  Today, one can easily find the San Pedro cactus effects via the internet at total comfort of his or her home.

High benefits of San Pedro Cactus effects

As far as the San Pedro cactus effects is concerned, the drink of San Pedro was made originally by the Peruvian monks and it assisted them to explore the spiritual world and in performance of religious activities and meditations. The monks or Chavin created a special brew that is religiously appraised and is well known as Huachumacactus san pedro 300x202 San Pedro Cactus Dosing and Effects Guide. The drink is simply made by simply slicing the San Pedro cactus and then boiling it in water for many hours. Till date the San Pedro cactus effects are considered to be vital for the spiritual leaders of India. They make the preparations in a different manner. They use mortar and pestle and convert the slices of cactus into an efficaciously powder. They take around one to two tablespoons of this powder with half glass of lemon juice and consume it to achieve the needed San Pedro cactus effects.

All about San Pedro Cactus dosing and effects

Currently, an interested buyer can buy San Pedro cactus at the total comfort of his or her from many online websites. Besides, they can avail this genuine herb at the most affordable price. The drink prepared from San Pedro cactus is quite bitter and does not have a pleasant taste. Moreover, it is found to be gritty in nature and does not dissolve well in the liquid. However, its instant effect is that it gives a mild nausea to the users. The active compound that is present in this herb is found to be mescaline. This active compound is assured to deliver a heightened awareness in the user. These compounds though not present in a significant amount however it gives a good effect to the users. San Pedro cactus effects are found to remain for around 3 hours in the user. It is reported that the users could explore their inner mind with this novel drink of the day. They experienced a colorful vision and a feel of tranquility as well as well being. With this eminent cactus a user can experience a much increased awareness as many thoughts flow his or her mind quickly. San Pedro Cactus effects are assured to deliver inner peace, sensory perception and oneness with the mind of a user.

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San Pedro Cactus – Different Species Such as Trichocereus panachoi, Trichocereus bridgesii, and Trichocereus peruvianus

by sanpedrokaktus

The San Pedro cactus is the term used to identify the different species of genus Trichocereus like the Trichocereus panachoi, Trichocereus peruvianus as well as the Trichocereus bridgesii. If you are wondering how you’ll be able to identify one cactus type from another then you should definitely take time to research on the different types so that when you are going to need to check out the difference and the similarities.

These species belong to the family Cactaceae and the tribe of the Trichocereae. Trichocereus panachoi, Trichocereus bridgesii, and Trichocereus peruvianus are considered the botanical trichocereus panachoi San Pedro Cactus   Different Species Such as Trichocereus panachoi, Trichocereus bridgesii, and Trichocereus peruvianusname for each type of cactus. The English name for these cacti would be San Pedro cactus.

Basically, these San Pedro cacti can be described as tall columnar cacti. This type of cactus can actually reach as large as 4 to 5 meters or perhaps more. The diameter of the San Pedro cactus can reach up to 10 inches in diameter. However, this is not the standard measurement as the diameter of the cactus can actually vary. These types of cactus are also multi branched and these will generally have dense growth. On the other hand, the Trichocereus peruvianus or otherwise known as the Peruvian torch is quite similar when it comes to appearance to the San Pedro cacti yet it will have darker as well as longer spines and this cactus will grow faster and contain higher level of alkaloid. The Achuma or the Trichocereus bridgesii is a fast growing columnar cactus that can actually grow up to 5 meters. The Achuma or the Trichocereus bridgesii usually brances at the base part of the cacti. The distinct characteristic of this type of cactus would be its tough drooping spines that can actually grow up to four inches long.

San Pedro cactus or Trichocereus panachoi has been utilized for its hallucinogenic effects. People in South America have long been using the Trichocereus panachoi and now it has reached different lands and soil all over the world. San Pedro cacti contains hallucinogenic alkaloid mescaline that is considered a powerful substance that can alter the state of mind that can trigger hallucinations for visual and auditory aspects. Other species under the San Pedro family that contains the power hallucinogenic substance would be the Achuma or the Trichocereus bridgesii as well as the Peruvian Torch or the Trichocereus peruvianus.

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Things to Know About San Pedro Cactus Seeds

by sanpedrokaktus

San Pedro cactus is a unique plant that is mostly found in the desert habitat. It is also called as the ‘Peruvian torch’. It has so many adaptations that make it suitable for its life in the deserts. Unlike so many plants that have leaves, the San Pedro cactus does not have leaves. This magnificent plant only has spikes. This has assisted the plant in reducing the amount of water that is lost to the atmosphere through evaporation. The spine also protects the plant from its predators. Since it is a vascular plant, it is able to get support even in greater heights.

It reproduces in a couple of ways:

All living things use cacti. Since it thrives in the desert areas and can withstand harsh climates, people who live in the desert areas use it as a source of food and water. It does not even require much care. It is said that the more it is neglected, the better.

If you are actually interested in bringing home the San Pedro cactus or the Peruvian torch, then it is actually good to know more about several factors that are important to cultivate this plant at home. This is because you are actually investing some money to bring it home and if you do not take proper care of it, then there is no use to it. It is just like maintaining your backyard nursery. You might be familiar of several aspects of maintaining the plants in your nursery. You need to tend to them, look after the needs like water, soil and sunlight requirements. Only then you will be able to ensure that health of the plants in the nursery and in the same way, you should also know the basics about this particular plant. It is a fact that it does not demand a lot of for attention from you but still it is very important to know some aspects so that things can become quite easy when it comes to maintaining such kinds of plans at home. So, let me go ahead and explain you about a couple of factors which are very important.

To ensure the success of San Pedro cactus you have to follow some steps. This will help you purchase one that is in good health.

You have to:

After the San Pedro cactus plant adjusts to the environment, it is supposed to be moved, watered regularly and must always be ensured that the soil is damp.

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