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ShamanicExtracts Shamanic Extracts Review

Shamanic Extracts is a large European (Netherlands) supplier of ethnobotanicals that carries a ton of Trichocereus products as well as many other productsan pedro cactus tissue 300x201 Shamanic Extracts Reviews such as Salvia Extract, Kratom Extract, Amanitas Extract and even Peyote seeds.  These guys have been in business for over 11 years online, make their own extracts and sell worldwide directly to both consumers and businesses.  They are not shy about expounding your rights to do what you please with herbs that have been in use for thousands of years.

They actually do have a very nice range of san pedro cactus products and what they do have is unique.  However, keeping these items in stock may be an issue for them.   Shamanic Extracts carries 7 types of san pedro cactus tissue that they have either imported or is from their own private farm.  However, ALL of these items are out of stock.   You can set up an alert to be notified when they’re back in, which is cool.   Additionally, they carry live san pedro cactus plants, which they will ship to the U.S. – again Out of Stock.   However, san pedro cactus growkit 300x187 Shamanic Extracts Reviewcactus seeds are a “go” and the one product that is In Stock that we found particularly cool and unique is their San Pedro Cactus Growkit, with a package containing everything you need to get started growing your own San Pedro cacti – seeds, soil, sand, gravel, instructions.

Shamanic Extracts has a wide range of payment options including major credit cards, cash, wire transfer and ordering by mail.  Shipping to the U.S. will generally only take about a week and their site has a plethora of customer service options available for questions and support, even a help desk system.  If you’re looking for some unique, San Pedro Cactus products, this is certainly the place to grab them.  Don’t forget to leave your feedback after you do.

san pedro cactus Shamanic Extracts Review

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